Most Shocking Second a Day Video


Most Shocking Second a Day Video

DiEmanuele Donati

Apr 24, 2014

Non so voi, ma io spesso dimentico cose come queste…

Cosa ne pensi?

Scritto da Emanuele Donati

I'm a charismatic leader, highly experienced and able to ensure success of the most challenging and ambitious projects. My deep competence in ICT's activities and years of experience in marketing, communication and production, together with business administration wide understanding allow me to operate and succeed in all layers of the company's strategic goals.

I'm continuously searching for original and challenging growing paths to verify and increase my managerial skills. Ranging from defence to telecommunications, entertainment to pharmaceuticals industry, I’ve been able to enrich my managerial background with both start-up and business expansion activities.

Strengths: Creativity, problem solving and design skills, high-technological background, strong managerial capabilities in difficult situations, group development, company mission and vision evangelist, deep comprehension of corporate governance

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